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About Us 

Lassen County Transportation Commission 

The Lassen County Transportation Commission (LCTC) was formed in 1971 with the establishment of the Transportation Development Act, otherwise known as the Mills-Alquist-Deddah Act (SB 325).

The LCTC holds its meetings at the Susanville City Council Chambers at 66 North Lassen Street. There is a call in number/Zoom link for folks who wish to participate in the meetings remotely on the agenda.

Consistent with state law, the Lassen County Transportation Commission (LCTC) consists of three members of the Susanville City Council and three members of the Lassen County Board of Supervisors. Each appointing authority (Council or Board) may also select up to two alternative members to serve in their absence of their respective regular meetings. In most instances, the appointing authorities select commissioners that also serve as members of the Susanville City Council and Lassen County Board of Supervisors. Commissioners are appointed to a one year term beginning in January.


The LCTC also includes the Caltrans District 2 representative as a non-voting ex-officio member. The ex-officio membership allows for participation by the District 2 designee in Commission discussions before and after public testimony, but without the ability to vote on Commission matters.

Current Members

  • Aaron Albaugh, Chair (County Supervisor)

  • Dawn Miller (City Council)

  • Mendy Schuster (City Council)

  • Chris Gallagher (Co. Supervisor)

  • Russ Brown (City Council)

  • Tom Neely (Co. Supervisor)


John Clerici, Executive Secretary ​
Steve Borroum

Genevieve Evans

Cheri Martin

Acadia Davis

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