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Wildlife Overcrossing Project

The Problem

Mule deer account for 74% of wildlife-vehicle collisions on the highway
US 395 has the 6th worst deer-vehicle hotspot in the State.
2 of 12 of California Department of Fish & Wildlife’s ’s top priority barriers in the state are located on US 395.

The Solution:

Highway underpasses and overpasses, coupled with fencing, can reduce crashes by 80-90%, making roads safer for people and wildlife.

On August 2023, the Wildlife Conservation Board granted the Lassen County Transportation Commission $5,375,000 to plan and design the most effective location for a wildlife overpass(es) and/or underpass(es) within the project area. The four-year grant will aim to get wildlife crossing structures to prepare 65% Plan, Specification, and Estimates (PS&E) per Caltrans standard. 

Next Steps: Pathways for Wildlife will continue to collect data in the project area. The Team will investigate and provide alternatives for the wildlife crossing location based on environmental and right-of-way constraints and constructability of each location. Conceptual drawings will be developed in Spring 2024, and Caltrans environmental documenting and review will continue through the project period.  

All photo videos collected by Pathways for Wildlife for Wildlands Network’s US 395 Wildlife Crossing Study

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