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Wildlife Overcrossing Project

Project Overview

The section of Highway 395 that runs from the California-Nevada border to Susanville has a high occurrence of wildlife-vehicle collisions and impedes important wildlife movement for deer, elk, pronghorn, and bisects known deer migration corridors. 

The US 395 Wildlife Crossing Project seeks to increase safe passage for wildlife and reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions. From 2023-2027, the US 395 Wildlife Crossing Project will study and design locations for wildlife crossing structures on US 395 to reduce-wildlife vehicle collisions.


Highway 395 currently has three wildlife underpasses, and California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has installed directional wildlife fencing and jump outs in various locations in the project area. Wildlands Network has been studying the project area, conducted by Pathways for Wildlife, to help determine what locations on the highway would benefit from wildlife enhancements, like culvert replacements, bridge retrofits, the construction of underpasses and overpasses, and directional fencing.

All photo videos collected by Pathways for Wildlife for Wildlands Network’s US 395 Wildlife Crossing Study

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